Samsung Galaxy F Foldable Smartphone

Samsung is expected to announce the world’s first foldable smartphone Samsung Galaxy F by the end of 2018.We all have been hearing about this foldable smartphone that Samsung has been developing for a long time. Well guys, the wait is finally over.
Reports claim that South Korean mobile manufacturer, Samsung Galaxy F will have two OLED displays. The smaller display will be on the outer side and the bigger one on the inner of device. There is a 7.29 inches
inner display when opened and a 4.58 inches outer display when it’s folded. Well the other spects like processor and camera  are unknown. Though its obvious that it will have the latest processor but we’ll keep you inform about that.

Samsung galaxy f foldable phone

As far the reports suggest the phone will work like any other single handedly operable smartphones like making calls. When it will be opened like a book, it will have a tablet’s  features like huge screen. Hence, this phone can either be a phone or tablet at a time and we are excited to see it. As the rumours suggest, Samsung has started the production of Samsung Galaxy F with an intial goal of manufacturing a 100K units per month. Reports also suggest that Samsung is planning to launch the device with a different Android UI to insure full uses of it’s unique design. Samsung is also working with Google to get all the help its needs for this new device platform. Samsung is going to use a lot of new tech so price can be higher than expected but it’s still a mystery.
So let’s wait till Samsung drops this phone in market and embrace the future.
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