Top 5 Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India

 It’s clear that 2019 is going to be year 5G phones in India. Here We Listed the Top 5 Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India in Year 2019. All the smartphone companies are working on the 5G-ready smartphones. Though the 5G technology is still in research and develop phase. But Qualcomm Snapdragon says, it will be a couple of months when the next generation high speed technology will be a reality. Let’s dive into it. 
As per the Qualcomm’s President Mr Christiano Amon, every Android smartphone companies are working over the clock to develop their device compatibility for 5G. The next generation technology will obviously be many times faster than the present 3G and 4G services so it will open a way to new world of possibilities. The Artificial Intelligence (AI), Argumented Reality (AR), high resolutive streaming, better immersive mobile graphics will have significant evolution with the help of 5G technology.

Everyone is excited to know how upcoming 5G will change the way we use smartphones every day. Intresting fact is that Qualcomm is going to launch it’s new processor Snapdragon 855 to bring new era of speed. As per the reports, all the upcoming 5G phones will use the latest Snapdragon 855 processor. When the phones will be launched, its not clear but by mid-2019 they will be in our hands to experience the change. Here are top 5 5G phones to be launched in 2019.

1. OnePlus 7

Top 5 Upcoming 5G Smartphones in India

OnePlus is one of the first smartphone company to announce its 5G smartphone in 2019 to be coming soon. CEO Pete Lau confirmed about the upcoming OnePlus 5G smartphone in Nov, 2018 during OnePlus 6T launch. Reports say OnePlus is working with Qualcomm to develop its 5G flagship. However it’s not clear whether the upcoming OnePlus device will be named the same or not. The launch in Mid-2019 will clear the doubt. One thing is for sure that upcoming OnePlus device will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 855.

2. Samsung Galaxy S10

South Korean smartphone giant is reportedly working on its 5G Galaxy flagship. Samsung has been working on this technology for a long time than any smartphone company. As per the reports, the new Galaxy device will have latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor. Facts suggest that new Foldable smartphone will also have the 5G technology. By the end of 2019 Samsung may launch a new segment of 5G smartphones. 

Check thisSpecifications of Samsung Galaxy S10+

3. Huawei P30/Mate 30

Huawei P30/Mate 30

The Chinese smartphone maker is set to launch its 5G-ready smartphones by the quarter of 2019. As per CEO Ren Zhengfei’s statement, Huawei P-series will be launched in March and Mate series will be launched in October. However Huawei has not cleared about the processor they will be using in the upcoming 5G devices. 

4. Xiaomi Mi Mix 3


The flagship device Mi Mix 3 is confirmed to be relaunched as 5G variant in the end of year 2019. Xiaomi has to work a lot on it’s existing phone to make it compatible for the 5G technology. Let’s see how efficiently, it will work on it without compromising new features. Surprisingly the processor to be used is still a secret. 

5. New IPhone


The smartphone giant Apple is surely expected to be in race of launching 5G phones in market soon like the other smartphone company. Since Apple is known to make slimmer and smarter phones so it’s working on developing next-gen technology for its smartphone design as the 5G technology will need more space in same design. Apart from that Qualcomm has some feud with Apple that may slow the 5G launch. So it may take some time till we get latest 5G Iphone. 

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